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    A review of the Citizen Open House 2016

    openhouseshowThank you everyone who attended our open house event!

    The event was very successful indeed with over 400 people attending the 3 day period. A number of companies took advantage of the show promotional prices and we received machine orders in excess of £2M. We have had many positive comments from our open house partners and guests who recognised the value in attending our event. Visitors were able to view the latest machine technology being demonstrated on 18 of our machine models plus meet many specialist suppliers who were at hand to offer advice on the latest tooling, machine accessories, component measuring, materials supply, machine monitoring, high pressure coolant and chip management systems.

    The launch of LFV technology took center stage with visitors coming from as far as Scotland, Ireland and Sweden to view Citizen’s unique programmable chip control technology. Visitors were able to see their own components being manufactured on our latest Cincom L20 with LFV technology controlling the chip removal using materials that are normally challenging or impossible to manage by high pressure coolant. Many visitors marvelled at the opportunity to remove or reduce the need for high pressure coolant and welcomed the potential to reduce the cost of expensive consumable tooling. Many sliding head users recognised that LFV could greatly improve their profitability/ productivity by reducing the need to remove swarf from the machining area or reducing downtime as a result of damaged or worn tooling. The vast majority of our customers run Citizen machines buy cymbalta cheap unattended and welcome the opportunity to extend production long after normal working hours. We often demonstrate how new machine technology reduces non cutting time however this is the first time we have radically changed the way we cut material or have changed the cutting process, many visitors recognised this and described the technology as ground breaking and a game changer! We are now taking pre-orders for machines arriving in January with integrated LFV technology.

    Our annual curry evening was enjoyed by over 100 visitors who preferred to come and see us after office hours, share a few beers and enjoy a fabulous curry supplied by our local chef! It’s always a popular evening and a great social event!

    The winner of our open house watch competition was Simon Lilley from S.Lilley & Son Lt, Simon placed his business card into our open house watch draw and is now the proud owner of a new Eco Drive Citizen watch. The winner of the mountain bike competition was Luke Dealhoy of Gedore Torque Ltd. Luke visited us during the Mach exhibition earlier in the year and brought his bike token to our open house event, the winning token was drawn on the last day of the open house show and Luke is the lucky winner of a top of the range Orange mountain bike fitted with high quality Hope equipment manufactured on Citizen Cincom and Miyano machines. We look forward to seeing images of Luke enjoying his new bike.

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