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The high speed of gang tools is added to the diversity of the turret, opening up a wide range of machining possibilities.

Featuring 2 spindles, Y-axis equipped turret and flexible gang toolslide, the BNA-42GTY offers excellent value with independent machining on the front and back of the workpiece simultaneously.

  • The machine can handle balance cutting and pinch milling in addition to 3-axis-control-group overlapping, giving exceptional machining efficiency.
  • By using a 4 position tool holder for back machining, up to 45 tools can be mounted.
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Items BNA-42GTY
Maximum Machining Diameter of Bar Work SP1 ø42mm
SP2 ø34mm
Maximum Machining Length 100mm
Spindle motor(15min./Cont.) SP1 11/7.5kW
SP2 5.5/3.7kW
Spindle speed SP1 6,000min-1
SP2 5,000min-1
Type of Turret 8St.Turret(half-indexing mechanism)
Shank Height of Square Turning Tool □20mm
Diameter of Drill Shank ø25mm
Rapid feed rate Z1 axis 30m/min
X1 axis 24m/min
Y1 axis 30m/min
Z2 axis 20m/min
X2 axis 20m/min
Y2 axis 12m/min
Z3 axis 20m/min
X3 axis 12m/min
Maximum Number of Revolving Tools 8
Machine Height 1,680mm
Floor Space 2,350×1,475mm
Machine Weight 3,750kg

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