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The M32. The market leader re-defined

More tools!… more functions!… more flexibility!…higher productivity!… same floor space!

Even greater value

The M32 is renowned for its leading capability for 3 tool simultaneous machining in a compact floor space. The all-round combination of flexible tooling, large tool capacity, and outstanding ease of use has made the M32 our success story in the new century. The next generation M32 increases the 3 tool simultaneous machining abilities with a new Y3 axis on the back tool post which carries up to 9 tools (up to 6 driven). New advanced functions include a B axis on the gang tool post with 4 axis simultaneous containing control. In addition the machine boasts an improved / upgraded turret with direct indexing, faster rapid feed rate (up to 32m/min) and reduced power consumption.

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M32-V Series 4

M32-VIII Series 4

Main spindle

Max. turning diameter mm 32 32
Max. turning length mm 325 325
Spindle through-hole diameter mm 36 36
Collet Type F37-740 F37-740
Main spindle speed RPM 200-8,000 200-8,000
Main spindle drive power kW 3.7 / 7.5 3.7 / 7.5
C-Axis ° 0.001 0.001


Max. workpiece diameter mm 32 32
Motor rating kW 2.2 / 3.7 2.2 / 3.7
Sub-spindle speed RPM 200-8,000 200-8,000
Collet Type F37-740 F37-740
C-Axis ° 0.001 0.001

Vertical Tool Post

Turning tools in vertical tool holder platen 5 5
Number of rotary tools 7 7
Driven Tool Power kW 1 1
Speed of tools RPM 200-6,000 200-6,000

Opposed Tool Post

Fixed tools for back machining 5 up to 9
Driven tools for back machining 0 up to 9
Y Axis No Yes


Y-Axis Yes Yes
Driven stations on turret 10 10
Max. number of tools 60+ 60+
Driven tool power kW 1.5 / 2.2 1.5 / 2.2
Speed of driven tools RPM 200-6,000 200-6,000

Other Information

Space requirement (without bar feeder) mm 3,400 x 1,410 x 1,900 3,400 x 1,410 x 1,900
Weight kg 3,300 3,400

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