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    Ultimate Gang + Turret: The M32-VIII is reborn

    With the adoption of newly designed covers to provide improved access, as well as a new HMI operating panel for the new NC unit, the touch panel provides improved operation and usability. Additionally, structural analysis was performed to achieve a highly rigid design that provides an optimal balance between strength and weight to greatly improve the rigidity required during the machining process. The turret tooling has been completely redesigned with a conversion to single-drive for rotary tools and increasing the power of rotary tools motor.

    The gang tool post has been equipped with a type VIII B-axis (4+4) spindle for contouring by use of five-axis control. The back tool post has been equipped with adjustable-angle type VII and VIII spindles to enable complex machining in combination with the Y axis. Improved back machining allows a higher degree of freedom in choosing the machining process. A 5.5/7.5 kW high-output spindle motor has been adopted for front and back spindles. You can also switch between guide-bush and non-guide-bush and there is also an option for a 38-mm oversize specifications.

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    M32 – 5M5M32 – 5M7M32 – 5M8
    Max. machining diameter (D)32 mm dia. (38 mmOP)
    Max. machining length (L)320 mm/1 chucking
    Max. front drilling diameter12 mm dia.
    Max. tapping diameter for the front spindleM12 (Cutting tap)
    Main spindle speedMax.8,000 min-1
    Max. chuck diameter for the back spindle32 mm dia. (38 mmOP)
    Max. drilling diameter for the back spindle12 mm dia.
    Max. tapping diameter for the back spindleM12 (Cutting tap)
    Max. length of the back spindle workpiece145 mm (Standard recovery unit)
    Back spindle speedMax. 8,000 min-1
    Gang rotary tools
    Max. drilling diameter8 mm dia.
    Max. tapping diameterM8 (Cutting tap)
    Main spindle speedMax. 9,000 min-1
    Turret rotary tools
    Max. drilling diameter12 mm dia.
    Max. tapping diameterM12 (Cutting tap)
    Main spindle speedMax. 6,000 min-1
    Back rotary tools
    Max. drilling diameter8 mm dia.
    Max. tapping diameterM6 (Cutting tap)
    Main spindle speedMax. 6,000 min-1
    Number of tools25 to 36 + ?23 to 40 + ?30 to 36 + ?
    Turning tools5
    Cross drills5 to 88 (including 4 B-axis drills)
    Gang tool post backside drillsMax. 44 (including 4 B-axis drills)
    Number of turret stations10
    Back tool post drills5Max. 9
    Tool size0
    Turning tool16 mm
    Sleeve diameter25.4 mm dia.
    Chuck and bushing
    Main spindle collet chuckFC081-M (FC251-M: 38-mm dia. compatible)
    Back spindle collet chuckFC081-M-K (FC251-M-K: 38-mm dia. compatible)
    Guide bushingsFG531-M and WFG531-M (FG581-M: 38-mm dia. compatible)
    Rapid feed rate
    X1,Y1,Z1,Z2,X3,Z332 m / min
    Y332 m / min
    X218 m / min
    Y212 m / min
    B150 min-1
    Front spindle drive5.5 / 7.5 kW
    Back spindle drive5.5 / 7.5 kW
    Gang rotary tool drive2.2 kW
    Turret rotary tool drive2.2 kW
    Back rotary tool drive1.0 kW
    Pneumatic unit: Required pressure and required flowrate0.5 MPa at 110 NL/min. (When stationary)
    Machine main unit dimensions(W) 2,860 – (D) 1,465 – (H) 1,900 mm
    Weight4,250 kg4,300 kg
    Power supply voltageAC200V 10%

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