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Citizen Finance

Financing Your Investment

At Citizen we understand that investing with us has a financial impact on your business. Along with all other Citizen support services we can help you explore the different ways for you to acquire the machinery you need.

Manufacturing Makes Money

Use our cost per part calculator to:

  • Build an investment case for your company
  • Assess the profit potential in new contracts
  • Assess the profit potential in new machinery
  • Compare one production process with another

Hire Purchase / Lease Purchase

A straightforward repayment facility where the customer will ultimately own the asset. Repayments can be structured in a flexible way using a deposit, initial payments and/or a ‘balloon payment’ (final lump sum). The full VAT is payable at the commencement of the agreement.

Key features and benefits:

  • Ultimate ownership.
  • Ownership normally carries the potential for claiming writing down allowances and/or capital grants, including any enhanced first year allowances and per annum on a reducing balance basis.
  • VAT on the cost of the asset is normally reclaimable.
  • The interest can be fixed or variable interest rate.
  • The interest element of repayments can normally be offset against taxable profit.
  • The asset appears on your balance sheet.

Finance Lease

A popular, flexible method of funding, buy duloxetine which offers all the practical benefits of ownership.

Key features and benefits:

  • When the asset is sold you normally receive the majority share of the sale proceeds.
  • The flexible repayment structure gives you immediate and full use of the asset for a minimal outlay.
  • Rentals can normally be offset 100% against taxable profit, spread over the economic life of the asset, typically 5 years.
  • Asset treated as ‘on-balance sheet’, showing as an asset.
  • VAT is paid on the rentals not the purchase price.

Operating Lease

You pay for using the machine instead of paying to own it, thus helping cash flow and making ‘off-balance sheet’ funding possible. This type of agreement is effectively a long term rental.

Key features and benefits:

  • The customer bears none of the residual risk on the equipment’s value.
  • Rental profile can be matched to shorter term contracts.
  • Rentals can normally be offset 100% against taxable profit.
  • Asset normally treated as ‘off-balance sheet’ (subject to your auditors’ approval).

Asset Management

We recognise the ongoing value of your Citizen production equipment.

Your valuable machinery can be utilised to:

  • Raise working capital
  • Part fund an MBO or owner sale
  • Act as security for further investment in your business without risking personal assets





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