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    Two BNA Series models with improved basic functions

    A surface plate structure, a tradition of the Miyano brand, has been carried over for the bed, an essential element for machining, while both size and weight have been increased in order to improve damping performance. Additionally, the coolant tank capacity has been increased to improve thermal stability. Rigidity of the entire turret tool post has been increased, and equipping with a Y axis enables the use of 12 stations. The number of installed tools has also been increased.

    The cover has been completely redesigned to improve workability.
    The opening has been enlarged for easier access and provided with a large window to improve visibility.

    The port through which chips fall has been enlarged and the removal port has been moved closer to the
    outer edge of the cover to make it easier to clean away chips.
    These new NC units are standard-equipped with a dual-check safety function to improve safety and

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    Machine Specification
    ItemBNA-42CY5BNA-42SY5NC specifications
    Max. machining length200 mm100 mmControl unitFS.0i-TF PLUS
    Standard machining diameter (Chuck diameter)SP142 mm dia.Control axisHD1X1, Z1, Y1, C1, E1 (Turret)X1,Z1,Y1,B1, C1, C2, E1
    SP234 mm dia.A1 (Rotary tools)(Turret), A1 (Rotary tools)
    Travel distanceDuring superimposed
    Turret slide travel distanceX axis140 mmoperation: X1, Z1, Y1,
    Z axis285 mmC1, E1 (Turret)
    Y axis70 (+/-35) mmHD2– – –A1 (Rotary tools)During superimposed
    Back spindle slide travel distanceB axis360 mmoperation: Z2, C2,
    SpindlesFeed axis absolute position detector X, Z1, Y1X1,Z1,Y1,B
    Number of spindles12Min. set unit0.001 mm/0.001 deg.
    Spindle speedSP160 to 6,000 min -1Interpolation function
    SP250 to 5,000 min-1PositionerLinear interpolationG00G01
    Closing tube through-hole diameterSP143 mm dia.Circular interpolationG02, G03 (multiple quadrants available)
    SP230 mm dia.DwellG04
    Collet chuck typeSP1Hardinge S20, DIN173E, B&S #22D,ThreadingG32
    JPN34, HainbuchMultiple threadingG33
    SP2JPN, DIN171EFeed functionRapid feeding override0 to 100% (10% increments)
    DIN173E, B&S #22Cutting feed speed override0 to 150% (10% increments)
    Power chuck typeSP15″ and 6″ hollow chucks5″ hollow chuckPer minute feed and per rotationG98/G99
    SP24″ hollow chuckManual handle feedingx1, x10, x100
    Tool postReference point returnG28
    Number of tool posts1Reference point return chuck G27
    2nd reference point return G30 or G30P2
    Type of tool post12 ST.Program input function
    Opposite side distance of tool post300 mmTape codeEIA/ISO auto-detection
    Max. turning radius of tool post505 mm dia.Absolute commandsX,Z,Y,CX,Z,Y,C,B
    Dimensions of tools used□ 20 mmIncremental commandsU, W, V, H
    Dimensions of tool post holes25 mm dia.Programmable data inputCoordinate system settingsG10G50
    Rotary toolsWorkpiece coordinate system G54 to G59
    Number of installed rotary toolsMax.12Program storage and editing
    Type of rotary tool driveIndependent clutch driveProgram storage capacity512 Kbyte1 Mbyte (Two system total)
    Rotating speed of rotary tools50 to 5,000 min-1Number of registered programs400800 (Two system total)
    Machining capacitiesDrillMax. 10 dia.Spindle and supplementary functionsSpindle functions S4 digits
    TapMax. M6 × 1Supplementary functionsM3 digits
    (Limited to spiral and point taps for M8 x 1.25)Constant peripheral speed control G96
    Max. M8 x 1.25 for BSBMTool and tool compensation functions
    Feed rateTool functionsT ○○△△
    Rapid feed rateX axis20 m/min( ○○ = Tool selection and shape compensation,△△ = Wear compensation)
    Z axis20 m/minNose radius compensation G40,G41,G42
    Y axis12 m/minOperating functions
    B axis20 m/minOptional stopM01
    Slide thrustJog feeding0 to 1,260 mm/min
    X axis5 kNInput/Output interface
    PC card slot and USB memory slot
    Z axis5 kNAutomatic operation
    Y axis6.7 kNOne-cycle/Continuous operation, single block, block delete, machine lock
    B axis5 kNOptional block skip, dry run, feed-hold, optional stop
    Max. travel distance200 mm10.4″ color LCD, supporting multiple languages, decimal-point input, manual pulse generator
    Memory protection, AC digital servos, etc.
    Morse taper sizeMT2Standard NC functions
    Max. slide thrust4.3 kN (at 3.4 MPa)Chamfering/corner R, background editing, operating time/number of parts display
    Min. slide thrust0.57kN (at0.45 MPa)Canned composite cycles (G70 to G76), spindle synchronization function (SY only)
    Drive methodHydraulicSpindle rigid tapping (Main and sub (SY only))
    MotorsCylindrical interpolation, custom macro B, canned drilling cycles (G80 to G86)
    Tool service life management, superimposition control function (SY only)
    Spindle motorSP111/7.5/5.5 kW (15%/15 min/cont.)
    SP25.5/3.7 kW (15 min/cont.)
    Rotary tools motor2.8/1.0 kW
    Coolant pump motor0.25 kW
    High-pressure coolant motor1.1/0.75 kW (60/50Hz)
    Required power source
    Power supplyAC 200/220 +5%/-10%, 50/60 Hz ±1%
    Power supply capacity16 kVA26 kVA
    Air pressure source0.5 MPa
    Fuse capacity on facilities side75 A100 A
    Tank capacities
    Hydraulic tank capacity18 L
    Lubricating oil tank capacity2 L
    Coolant tank capacity225 L
    Machine size
    Machine height1,745 mm
    Required floor surface areaW 2,260 x D 1,433 mmW 2,350 x D 1,433 mm
    Machine weight3,430 kg3,880 kg

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