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    Alkart CNC Wizard

    Alkart CNC Wizard

    Alkart CNC Wizard 2020 is the latest version of the popular CNC programming aid. Building on the success of the previous versions the software adds a number of new features including support for the latest models such as the D25 and L32 LFV.

    As before the software is available in 2 editions ‘Cincom’ to cover Citizen’s sliding head range and ‘Miyano’ to cover the fixed head range.

    A wizard guides you through creation of your part program and a built-in code library for machining processes is combined with reference material / diagrams to assist you during the programming of your part. Machine communications are also included supporting RS232, Flash Card and LAN program upload / download.

    New and experienced users alike can benefit from the extensive information that is available. Greatly reduces the amount of time you spend typing in lengthy M and G codes or consulting manuals / other programs.

    Summary of Main Benefits:

    • Reduces need for programming manuals and reference materials
    • Reduces amount of typing required (and reduces errors as a result of this)
    • Helps new users get up and running and learn the machine
    • A simple program can potentially be written in a matter of minutes!
    • Full functionality is included for program validation, program transfer / communication.
    • Low Cost!

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