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    Top of the range Miyano, twin spindle, twin turrets and 2 Y axis.

    The ability to machine simultaneously at the left and right spindles using the upper and lower turrets, both featuring a Y-axis function, means that complete front and back machining of products with complex shapes can be accomplished simply and in a short time.

    High rigidity and high torque with 40 Nm revolving tools

    The use of rigid 40 Nm revolving tool drives capable of heavy cutting ensures stable milling.
    Two turrets with a total of 24 tool positions handle complex machining just like a machining center.

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    Machining Capacity and Chuck System
    Maximum Machining Diameter of Bar WorkSP1/SP2ø51/51mmø64/51mm
    Collet ChuckSP1/SP2Stationary
    Power ChuckSP1/SP26″/6″ hydraulic drive
    Standard Turning Length125mm
    Spindle NoseSP1/SP2A2-6/A2-6A2-8/A2-6
    Spindle motor(30min./Cont.)SP115/11kW
    Spindle Speed RangeSP150 – 5,000min-140 – 4,000min-1
    SP250 – 5,000min-1
    Turrets(Upper L/R Turrets & Lower Turret)
    Type of Turret12St.Turret
    Shank Height of Square Turning Tool□20mm
    Diameter of Drill Shankø40mm ø20mm ø25mm
    Slide StrokeX1, X2 axis190mm
    Z1/Z2 axis550mm/721mm
    Y1, Y2 axis±40mm
    Zs axis756mm
    Rapid Traverse RateX1, X2 axis16m/min
    Z1/Z2 axis30/20m/min
    Y1, Y2 axis12m/min
    Zs axis30m/min
    Revolving Tools(Option)
    Maximum Number of Revolving Tools24
    Rotation speed of revolving tools60 – 6,000min-1
    Rivolving Tool MotorAC Servo 4.5kW
    Machine Dimensions
    Machine Height2,222mm
    Floor Space3,290×2,204mm
    Machine Weight10,750kg10,900kg

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