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    New R Series – The Solution For Ultra-small-diameter parts.

    • The R01/04 Type I has a compact design with a depth of only 455mm. This means it can be installed in restricted spaces in plants.
    • All the models in the R/RD series achieve a maximum continuous spindle speed of 20,000 min-1. These spindles can be used together with a rotary guide bushing device.
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    Maximum machining diameterø¸4mm
    Maximum machining length40mm
    Maximum drilling diameter for main spindleø¸3mm
    Maximum front tapping diameter(tap, die)M3
    Spindle through-hole diameterø¸9mm
    Spindle speedMax.20,000min-1
    Maximum drilling diameter for rotary toolø¸2mm
    Maximum tapping diameter for rotary toolM2
    Spindle speed of the gang rotary toolMax.8,000min-1
    Maximum chuck diameter of back spindleø¸4mm
    Maximum protrusion length of the back spindle workpiece10mm
    Maximum drilling diameter in back machining processø¸2mm
    Maximum tapping diameter in back machining processM2.6
    Back spindle speedMax.20,000min-1
    Number of tools to be mounted17
    Tool sizeTurning tool□8mm
    Rapid feed rateX1 axis30m/min
    Y1 axis30m/min
    Z1 axis30m/min
    X2 axis30m/min
    Y2 axis30m/min
    MotorsFor spindle drive0.75/1.1kW
    For tool spindle drive0.2kW
    For back spindle drive0.5kW
    For cutting coolant oil0.18kW
    Input power capacity4kVA
    Center height1,000mm

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