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    The Citizen A20, an evolving 5-Axis CNC sliding head machine, furthers the quest for cost and performance, featuring the ability to switch between guide bush and non-guide bush types.

    • New capability to switch between guide bush and none-guide bush operating modes.
    • A20 is capable of machining bar stock up to ø25mm by installing the optional 25mm size chuck device.
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    Maximum machining diameterø20mm / ø25mm option
    Maximum machining lengthGuide-bush200mm
    Guide-bush-less2.5D(Max. 55mm)
    Maximum drilling diameter for main spindleø10mm
    Maximum tapping diameter for main spindle (tap,die)M8
    Spindle speedMax.10,000min-1
    Maximum drilling diameter for rotary toolø7mm
    Maximum tapping diameter for rotary toolM6
    Spindle speed of the gang rotary toolMax.6,000min-1(rating4,800min-1)
    Maximum chuck diameter of back spindleø20mm
    Maximum protrusion length of the back spindle workpiece50mm
    Maximum drilling diameter in back machining processø8mm
    Maximum tapping diameter in back machining processM10
    Back spindle speedMax.8,000min-1
    Number of tools to be mounted21
    Tool sizeTurning tool□12mm (□13mm, □16mm)
    Rapid feed rateX1 axis18m/min
    X2 axis32m/min
    Y axis32m/min
    Z1 axis32m/min
    Z2 axis32m/min
    MotorsFor spindle drive2.2/3.7kW
    For tool spindle drive0.75kW
    For back spindle drive1.1/1.5kW
    For cutting coolant oil0.25kW
    Input power capacity6kVA
    Center height1,050mm

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