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Introducing Citizen’s newest development, the D25, equipped with double gang tool posts and B axis. The double gang layout enables short cycle times for high productivity at low part cost. The large number of tools, for both main and sub spindle, gives cost effective production of complex workpieces.

  • Next generation CNC system with touch screen and qwerty keyboard. Easy set up with on screen graphical prompts. Ready
    for ‘internet of things’.
  • 3 x Y axis, 3 x Z axis.
  • B axis for front-back machining.
  • Independent adjustable angle rotary tools to sub spindle.
  • Power and speed: 5.5kW and 10,000 rpm.
  • Up to 59 tools.
  • With/without guide bush – switchable operation.
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Item D25
Max. machining diameter (D) 32mm (option)
Fixed guide bushing 250 mm
Guide bushing less 2.5 D
Spindle speed Max. 10,000 min-1
Spindle speed of the gang rotary tool Max. 9,000 min-1
Max. chuck diameter of back spindle 25 mm dia.
Max. protrusion length of the back spindle workpiece 50 mm
Back spindle speed Max. 10,000 min-1
Number of tools to be mounted 43
Tool (gang) 16 mm sq. , 19 mm sq.
Sleeve 25.4 mm dia.
Z2 24 m/ min
Others 32 m/ min
for spindle drive 3.7/ 5.5 kW
for rotary tool on the gang tool post 2.2 kW
for back spindle drive 2.2/ 3.7 kW
Back tool post rotary drive 1.0 kW
Rated power consumption 13.2 kVA
Centre height 1,050 mm
Weight 3,450 kg

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