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    Citizen’s best-selling L series machines have been relaunched with 4 different models using a common platform and a comprehensive range of tool holders compatible with other models.

    The new L20-VIII offers increased flexibility with up to 37 tool capability.

    Another major feature is the ability to switch between guide bushing type and non-guide bushing type. This feature is provided as standard; the guide bushing can be fitted or removed very quickly with a simple operation.

    The L20-VIII can be used as a regular guide bushing type lathe when machining long, thin workpieces and as a guide bushing-less type reducing material wastage. Increased main spindle size reduces material wastage and bar preparation requirement. Oversized options are available for up to 25mm diameter material.

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    Maximum machining diameterø20mm and 25mm option
    Maximum machining lengthGB machine200mm/1chuck
    GBL machineWorkpiece diameter×2.5mm/chuck
    Maximum drilling diameter for main spindleø10mm
    Maximum tapping diameter for main spindle(tap,die)M8
    Main Spindle through-hole diameterø26mm
    Spindle speedMax.10,000min-1
    Maximum drilling diameter for gang rotary toolø8mm
    Maximum tapping diameter for gang rotary toolM6
    Gang rotary tool spindle speedMax.9,000min-1
    Rotary tool spindle speed of the opposed tool postø5mm
    Maximum tapping diameter for rotary tool of the opposed tool postM4
    Rotary tool spindle speed of the opposed tool postMax.7,500min-1(OP)
    Maximum drilling diameter for back tool post rotary toolø5mm(OP)ø5mm
    Maximum tapping diameter for back tool post rotary toolM4(OP)M4
    Rotary tool spindle speed of back tool postMax.7,500min-1(OP)Max.7,500min-1
    Maximum chuck diameter of back spindleø20mm
    Maximum protrusion length of the back spindle workpiece30mm
    Maximum drilling diameter in back machining processø8mm
    Maximum tapping diameter in back machining processM6
    Back spindle speedMax.10,000min-1
    Number of tools to be mountedMax.37Max.33Max.44Max.40
    Tool sizeTurning tool□12mm(□13mm, □16mm)
    Rapid feed rateAll axis(except Y2 axis)32m/min
    MotorsFor spindle drive2.2/3.7kW
    For tool spindle drive(gang tool post)2.2kW
    For rotary tool drive of Back tool poststdstd
    For rotary tool drive of the opposed tool poststdstd
    For back spindle drive0.75/2.2kW
    For cutting coolant oil0.4kW
    Input power capacity7.3kVA
    Center height1,050mm

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