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Laser Technology

Discover the lastest Citizen laser
cutting technology

What is Laser Technology?

Laser technology can be used in the manufacturing industry in many ways such as welding, cutting and drilling by gathering laser light (light of one frequency) to make high energy conditions. Laser technology for automated machinery is very well established and can be specified for all manner of applications and materials.

Laser cutting can be introduced on to a wide variety of Citizen machines by mounting a laser in the work area.

This facilitates speedy, highly accurate machining of thin walled section in a wide variety of materials. In addition to thin walled material being offered to the machine, the flexibility of Citizen CNC machinery means solid bar can be machined normally at first, to prepare for the laser application. Hole cutting and intricate forms can be produced for industries such as medical, automotive and aerospace amongst many more.

Non-contact cutting

  • Non-contact laser removal does not involve tool wear.
  • High accuracy cutting with no deflection force.
  • Machining chips are reduced to dust and easily washed or blown away.

Ultra-fine processing

  • Ultra-fine processing by using a very small diameter laser beam.
  • Very small component features with sharp edges, normally too small for conventional machining can easily be achieved.





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