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Adoption of a modular tooling system
Addition of Y2 axis for even higher functionality

A modular tooling system has been adopted for the gang and back tool posts. The wide variety of tooling layouts available, such as “adjustable angle end-face spindle”, allows for angled hole drilling enhancing flexible machining. The addition of a Y2 axis to the back spindle strengthens back machining. This improves the degree of freedom for process allocation, and increases the maximum number of tools that can be installed to 38. Additionally, adoption of a built-in motor for the back spindle drive enables a maximum speed of 12,000 min-1. This reduces the acceleration/deceleration time to improve productivity. The machine is capable of handling 16 mm diameter bar with an expansion kit.

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Item L12-X
Maximum machining diameter ø12mm/ ø16mm Option
Maximum machining length GB machine 135mm/chuck
GBL machine 30mm/chuck
Maximum drilling diameter for main spindle ø8mm
Maximum tapping diameter for main spindle (tap,die) M6
Main Spindle through-hole diameter ø20mm
Spindle speed 15,000min-1
Maximum drilling diameter for gang rotary tool ø5mm
Maximum tapping diameter for gang rotary tool M4
Gang rotary tool spindle speed 10,000min-1
Maximum chuck diameter of back spindle ø12mm
Maximum protrusion length of the back spindle workpiece 30mm
Maximum drilling diameter in back machining process ø6mm
Maximum tapping diameter in back machining process M5
Back spindle speed 10,000min-1
Number of tools to be mounted Max.27
Tool size Turning tool □10mm
Sleeve ø19.05mm
Rapid feed rate All axis 35m/min
Motors For spindle drive 2.2/3.7kW
For tool spindle drive 0.75kW
For back spindle drive 0.4/0.75kW
For cutting coolant oil 0.25kW
Input power capacity 8kVA
Center height 1,000mm
Weight 1,700kg
For rotary tool drive of Back tool post 0.5kW
Maximum drilling diameter for back tool post rotary tool ø5mm
Maximum tapping diameter for back tool post rotary tool M4
Rotary tool spindle speed of back tool post 9,000min-1

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