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    Citizen invites customers to turn-milling technology showcase at annual open house

    3 to 5 October 2017, Bushey, Watford

    Citizen Machinery UK’s Annual Open House event being staged between 3 and 5 October will feature a pre-launch preview of Citizen’s latest generation Cincom D25 sliding headstock, a 10-axis CNC turn-mill centre, with new control, two gang and a back tool post plus B-axis with 59 tool capacity.

    In addition, amongst 12 Citizen and Miyano machines to be installed at the showcase event will be the UK launch of the widely acclaimed Low Frequency Vibration (LFV) technology now available on the smaller capacity Cincom L12-VIIILFV. This additional model is the next phase of the machine tool builder’s programme to extend this production advantage across its product range following its UK launch on the L20 machine type during 2016.

    Visitors to the UK headquarters at Bushey, Watford, will also be able to discuss face-to-face, confidential finance support to help with future investment plans involving machines from the Citizen Cincom and Miyano fixed head turn-mill centres ordered during the event.

    The Cincom D25-VIII has a 135 deg B-axis incorporated within its first gang tool post for complex feature machining at both the main and sub-spindles and also features a Z-axis with the second gang tool post enabling simultaneous balanced cutting with the first gang tool post.

    Citizen Machinery’s highly successful open house in 2016 drew over 300 visitors with orders placed at the event topping £2 million

    A back tool post will now accept radial or face fixed or driven tools capable of adjustment through 90 degs for face, radial or angle machining. There is also a further opposite tool post with fixed tool position that is mounted alongside the sub-spindle.

    A further 19 companies will be supporting the Open House event covering CADCAM, tooling, quality, materials and machine accessories.

    Lunch will be provided each day and, of course, on Wednesday 4 October the Open House will be extending its visitor hours of 09.00 to 17.00 until 21.30 when all are welcome to the traditional highly sociable Citizen Curry Evening.

    While Citizen Machinery UK has an open invitation to all, in order to help with catering, those wishing to attend are able to register online at: email: or telephone: 01923 691500.

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