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    Miyano extends its BNA family of Turning Centres with introduction of BNA-42DHY2

    Such has been the success of the expanding generation of Miyano’s BNA series of two-spindle, fixed head CNC turning centres that the latest release of the BNA-42DHY2 is able to further improve on the reduction of some 27 per cent in non-cutting times which characterised the previous DHY against predecessor machine models.

    Now available from Citizen Machinery UK in Bushey, the latest version machine offers a high torque driven tool motor – which is double the power available on the previous machine. Further enhancements include tool monitoring software in the control. The control is able to capitalise on faster processing and the greater opportunity to overlap sequences, especially when both turrets are simultaneously engaged with the main and sub-spindle.

    In addition to overlapping cycles, special screen pages have been written, for instance, to enable measurement and analysis of cutting times, non-cutting times and actual running time in each cycle. This enables the programme cycle to be optimised and in particular, the overlapping of the main and sub-spindle operations to be maximised through the two turrets. Further important additions to the control software that enhance the operability of the BNA-42DHY2, is a count-down for tool changes which also incorporates an entry for wear offsets.


    As an option, tools can also be monitored for wear and breakage by checking the live state of the machining sequences and each cutting tool against cymbalta online purchase numerical values captured from test data. To add to the flexibility for setting, a Y-axis function is incorporated in the main HD1 turret which has eight individually powered driven tool positions with 2.8 kW and 5,000 revs/min drive. Turret HD1 also has the added advantage of a half-index capability to enable 16 tool positions to be utilised without any toolholder interference.

    Meanwhile, Citizen Miyano has also made available a totally new range of purpose-designed toolholders that will enable up to four tool positions to be available to each turret station. Turret HD2 has six stations with three available for driven tools and three for turning tools. These tools can be used with total independence and simultaneously creating an overlap while turret HD1 is engaged. Tools can also be programmed to follow turret HD1 while it is machining at the main spindle.

    Having a bar capacity of 42 mm the main spindle is powered by a 7.5 kW, 6,000 revs/min drive serviced by X1 axis stroke of 140 mm, Z1 of 235 mm and Y1 of +/- 35 mm. The sub-spindle has a 34 mm capacity and is powered by 5.5 kW, 5,000 revs/min motor with X2 axis stroke of 140 mm and Z2 axis stroke of 310 mm. Rapid traverse rates are 20 m/min in X1, Z1 and Z2 axes and 12 m/min in X2 and Z2.

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