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    Stand No: H20-570 MACH 2018 NEC Birmingham 9 -13 April 2018

    MACH 2018 will be the first opportunity for a full exposure to visiting engineers of Citizen Machinery UK’s low frequency vibration (LFV) cutting technology on both its Cincom sliding head and the latest Citizen sliding headstock turn-mill centres which takes the LFV capability up to 42 mm diameter bar size. On stand H20-570 will see the official launch of Miyano’s BNA-42GTYLFV, and the Citizen Cincom D25-VIII plus the first UK exhibition showing of the smaller capacity, high speed Cincom L12-VII with LFV.

    Such has been the take up of LFV technology that 500 installations were made worldwide during 2017 with massive predictions for future sales by Citizen as it progressively feeds the advanced technology feature across its product range.

    LFV is controlled via programming special G-codes at the control to impart the ideal size of chip required to offset problems such as swarf ‘bird-nesting’. It is also able to improve tool life, often enables an increase in depth-of-cut and improved surface finish, for instance. This is achieved by introducing oscillation of the cutting tool to introduce air-cutting’ through the machine’s servo axis drives in the direction of feed while being synchronised to the rotation of the spindle.

    The hybrid 42 mm capacity 10-axis Miyano BNA-42-GTYLFV combines Citizen’s well-proven and advanced Cincom operating system with a Mitsubishi-based control platform. It has a 3-axis, 42 mm main spindle with hydraulic clamping, a 2-axis sub-spindle, a single 3-axis 8-station turret with half indexing and a gang tool slide. Tool capacity is 45 positions.

    The 10-axis Cincom D25-VIII has the next generation control to main and sub-spindle and has two 3-axis vertical gang toolposts, a B-axis, a back toolpost and opposite toolpost. Tool capacity is 59 positions.

    The compact Cincom L12-VLFV has a high speed 15,000 revs/min spindle and 10,000 revs/min sub-spindle with a 27 tool capacity. It has a 3-axis vertical gang toolpost incorporating a 30 deg B-axis. There are six turning tool positions, up to nine driven tools, eight gang drilling tools and a 16 mm spindle higher capacity option.

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