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As we all deal with this terrible affliction we have many priorities.

We have a responsibility to our staff and we have to balance this with the needs of our customers.

From Monday 23 March, following on from Government advice, we will implementing further staged measures to both help control the spread of this virus and to allow us to remain operational.

Without repeating that which has already been said by many, we will start to work differently from next week.

Where staff can we will have them working from home, many of our staff are already based from home, so this is not affected. We will remain open at each site with skeletal staff, but we are not receiving external visitors, except deliveries and collections of spare parts.

Our aim is to remain operational during this difficult period to continue to supply the exceptional service which Citizen is renowned for, to assist our many customers who need our support to keep the wheels of industry turning.

Moving forward our priority is towards manufacturers who work in the ventilator, respirator, PPE, medical, food, agriculture and utility businesses. Where necessary these will have to come first in terms of support resources and spare parts.

Our company has a robust disaster recovery policy, with all staff having laptops, remote access and mobile phones to aid working anywhere.

In some cases you may have to accept a delay in response as we reroute calls and emails, as we too have a number of staff taking special precautions.

As always our moto remains ‘Citizens working for Citizens’ and if we can help or support any manufacturer of critical medical parts in anyway then please contact us without delay and we will do our utmost  to help.


Thank you for your understanding.


Edward James

Managing Director

Citizen Machinery UK Limited





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