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    L20 XII B5 LFV

    Sliding Headstock Type Automatic CNC Lathe

    The L20 XIIB5 finally enables simultaneous 5-axis control, greatly expanding the machining range of CNC automatic lathes. Improved basic performance, along with great advances in ease of use.

    Improved basic performance

    • B-axis tools expand the machining range for the front spindle to 110°. This allows more complex machining with higher accuracy
    • The number of turning tools is increased to six, resolving tool shortages.
    • Thermal dimension changes reduced through thermal analysis. This enables continuous machining with stable accuracy.

    Improved Productivity

    • The latest NC unit on the machine realizes simultaneous 5-axis control. Cycle times are shortened due to improved program processing capability.
    • The higher output of the back spindle improves acceleration/ deceleration, which helps to shorten cycle times.
    • LFV can now be used for back machining, eliminating problems with chip entanglement.
    • The IoTFriendly function incorporated in the machine enables configuration of an operation monitoring system using communication standards compliant with OPC-UA and MTConnect.
    • The available peripheral units include motor-driven knock- out devices, loaders/unloaders, ATC units, and servo-driven chucking devices.
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    L20 XII B5 LFV
    Max. machining diameter 20 mm Dia., 25 mm Dia. [1″]OP.
    Max. machining length GB 20 mm Dia. spec. – 200 mm per chucking
    25 mm Dia. spec. – 188 mm per chucking
    GBL Max. 50 mm per chucking (GBL)
    Max. front drilling diameter 10 mm Dia.
    Max. front tapping diameter M8 (cutting tap)
    Spindle through-hole diameter 26.4 mm Dia.
    Spindle speed Max.10,000 min -1
    Max. chuck diameter of the back spindle 20 mm Dia., 25 mm Dia.[1″]OP.
    Max. taking-out length of the product 130 mm
    Max. workpiece protrusion length from the back spindle 40 mm
    Max. drilling diameter in back machining 8 mm Dia.
    Max. tapping diameter in back machining M8
    Back spindle speed Max. 10,000 min-1
    Rotary tools on the gang tool post
    Maximum drilling diameter 8 mm Dia.
    Max. tapping diameter M6 (cutting tap)
    Spindle speed Max. 9,000 min-1 (rated speed: 9,000 min-1)
    Rotary tools on the opposite tool post*
    Maximum drilling diameter φ5 mm
    Max. tapping diameter M4 (cutting tap)
    Spindle speed Max. 7,500 min-1 (rated speed: 6,000 min-1)
    Back rotary tool
    Maximum drilling diameter φ5 mm
    Max. tapping diameter M4 (cutting tap)
    Spindle speed Max. 7,500 min-1 (rated speed: 6,000 min-1)
    Number of mountable tools 41
    Turning tools on the gang tool post 6
    Rotary tools on the gang tool post 21
    Front drilling tools 6
    Back drilling tools 8
    Tool size
    Turning tools 12 mm sq. (13 mm sq., 16 mm sq.
    Sleeve 19.05 mm Dia.
    Chuck / bushing
    Front spindle collet chuck FC034-M (FC071-M: 25 mm Dia.[1″]OP.)
    Back spindle collet chuck FC034-M-K (FC071-M-K: 25 mm Dia.[1″]OP.)
    Rotary tool collet chuck ER11, ER16
    Chuck for drill sleeve ER11, ER16
    Guide bushing WFG206-M, DFG206M (FG521-M:25 mm Dia.[1″]OP.)
    Rapid traverse rate
    X1, Y1, Z1, X2, Z2 axis 32 m / min
    Y2 axis 8 m / min
    For front spindle drive 2.2/ 3.7/ 5.5 kW (continuous/ 15 minute/ 10%ED ratings)
    For back spindle drive 1.5/ 2.2/ 3.7 kW (continuous/ 40%ED/ 10%ED ratings)
    For front rotary tool drive 0.75 kW
    For back rotary tool drive 0.75 kW
    For coolant pump 0.4 kW
    Rated power consumption 8.8 KVA
    Total load current 37 A
    Main breaker capacity 60 A
    Supply voltage AC 200V ± 10%
    Pneumatic device
    Required pressure 0.5 MPa
    Required flow rate 52/ 65/ 197 NL / min (Power ON/ Normal/ With air blow)
    Machine body dimensions W 2,222 × D1,265 × H1,835 mm
    Center height 1,050 mm
    Machine weight 2,680 kg

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