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    Citizen creates a wave of turn-milling technology with 12 machines at MACH 2016


    MACH 2016 has been selected by Japan for the European launch of the latest modular designed 5-axis Citizen Cincom A20-VII CNC sliding head turn-mill centre. The machine has a bar capacity up to 25 mm as an option and the ability to be reset between guide bush and non-guide bush for economic machining of shorter workpieces.

    In all, a wave of 12 CNC machines from the Cincom and Miyano fixed head range of turn-mill centres are planned for demonstrations of the very latest developments in machining technology on the Citizen Machinery UK stand (5640) at the MACH 2016 exhibition at the NEC.

    From the Citizen stable, will be seven machines including the European launch of the Cincom A20-VII with 21 tool capacity, high speed 10,000 revs/min spindle and 200 mm machining length per chucking plus five machines representing the latest ‘icon reinvented’ internationally top-selling L-Series.

    With each L-Series machine featuring guide bush/non-guide bush capability, the line-up includes a 7-axis L32-XII with B- and Y2- axes, an entry buy cymbalta online level 5-axis L32-VIII, a 5-axis L20VIII and a L20XII with B- and Y- axes.

    There will also be installed a Cincom L12-VII having a high speed 15,000 revs/min spindle. A top-of-the-range M32 will be installed with a high level VIII specification having B-axis contouring and 4-axis simultaneous control.

    Meanwhile, five machines under the Miyano banner will include the latest ‘cost-effective’ sixth generation of BNJ-51SY6 with robot loading, overlapping main12-station and 6-station sub-turrets, a 7-axis BNE-51MSY with an 11 kW main spindle is able to provide three tool simultaneous cutting and two versions of the BNA. The BNA-42DHY has a Y-axis main turret and compact sub-turret enabling simultaneous left and right approach processing and the BNA-42GTY with up to 45 tools and 3-axis control enables group overlapping of tools to provide even higher productivity.

    Also on the Citizen stand will be the compact, high precision GN3200W twin-spindle lathe with integrated high speed gentry loading and part transfer.

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