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    Demonstrating for the first time at a UK exhibition, Citizen Machinery UK is launching its sixth generation of Miyano BNJ-SY6 fixed head, two spindle, twin-turret, turn-mill centres. The new machine features higher rigidity to both of its spindles, greater torque for driven buy cymbalta 30 mg tools, a Y-axis on the main turret and a totally new design of eight-station second turret that in particular, creates a milling capability.


    Unicut Precision Seven Machine Package


    As Unicut Precision closed its 25th year in the subcontract machining business, it placed an order on Citizen Machinery UK for a seven machine package worth over £800,000. The order for six Citizen Cincom CNC sliding head and a Miyano fixed head turn-mill centre has set the turned part specialist for 2016 with a common platform of machines to support its continued growth in partner-based contract machining operations.

    Said Managing Director Jason Nicholson: “We have an established policy of continuous machine tool upgrade but this is the largest number of machines ever replaced through a single order.”

    Unicut has replaced eight existing Citizen L20, K16 and C16 CNC sliding head machines with six Cincom A20-VIIPL machines which provide a common production platform giving ultimate flexibility, reduction in downtime for setting, common tooling, programming and servicing. Also, due to progressive machine development, the six machines will provide greater output potential than the replaced machines.
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    Citizen creates a wave of turn-milling technology with 12 machines at MACH 2016


    MACH 2016 has been selected by Japan for the European launch of the latest modular designed 5-axis Citizen Cincom A20-VII CNC sliding head turn-mill centre. The machine has a bar capacity up to 25 mm as an option and the ability to be reset between guide bush and non-guide bush for economic machining of shorter workpieces.

    In all, a wave of 12 CNC machines from the Cincom and Miyano fixed head range of turn-mill centres are planned for demonstrations of the very latest developments in machining technology on the Citizen Machinery UK stand (5640) at the MACH 2016 exhibition at the NEC.

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    Ionic is a Pillar Supporting Exports of Machined Parts to Europe and Asia

    W4955Ionic Engineering, a dedicated user of CNC sliding head turn-mill centres from Citizen Machinery UK, is now exporting half of its sub-contract machined components across Europe and into the USA, largely related to the switchgear, safety valve and electrical sectors. As a result of this continued success, sales have doubled since 2008 when the first Citizen L20-VIII was installed and the company is now spending some £400,000 on a machine shop extension and new equipment.

    Managing Director Ian Fitzwater attributes much of the success of his 22 people business and especially the turn-milling of components up to 42 mm diameter to his team of three, plus a recent trainee operator that are involved with the turning section under Works Manager Neil Titmus. He said: “Our turning section team has certainly been able to exploit the full capabilities of the Citizen-supplied machines on many, mostly difficult components.”

    In the ensuing seven years, his five progressive purchases of Citizen sliding heads and one Miyano fixed head turning centre has meant the company has benefited from the continuous improvements in the machines’ design. In particular, he maintains, the applied production technology has helped to not only maintain the UK and overseas customer base and its changing demands but also importantly, draw in new business from new as well as existing companies.

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    UK Customers to Get Exclusive Pre-European Launch of New Machines

    Three new key machines from Citizen Machinery UK will be available at its September Open House for preview prior to their European EMO exhibition launch. The new machines will be amongst a total of 12 machines running demonstrations and 17 complementary exhibitors from leading UK equipment, tooling and accessory suppliers.

    The event is set to create an open house scenario that will provide a timely opportunity for visitors to further reduce their effective ‘cost-per-part’ and create a more competitive edge to production demands.

    The turn-mill machines being previewed at Citizen Machinery’s UK headquarters in Bushey, Watford, between 22 and 24 September would normally still be under wraps ahead of the EMO exhibition in Milan during October and feature models from Citizen’s Cincom sliding head and Miyano fixed head stables.
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    New Citizen and Miyano Product Launches Due at Milan’s EMO 2015 Exhibition

    Citizen Machinery is to launch four new significant products from its 10 Cincom sliding head and Miyano fixed headstock turn-mill product ranges being exhibited on stand E19/F17 in Hall 2 at the EMO 2015 exhibition in Milan.

    Amongst the key new products from the Citizen-Cincom range include the ‘icon-reinvented’ world’s top selling L-Series which is now built on a modular platform with improved lift-up access guarding. The new machines will be represented with the series topping 7-axis L32-Xll and the 6-axis L20-Xll both equipped with B-axis for driven tools, a back tool post with Y-axis feed, 40 tool capacity and detachable guide bush. In addition, a 5-axis L12 will feature high speed 15,000 revs/min spindle and 10,000 revs/min driven tools, plus fully automatic part unloading.

    A significant launch by Citizen is the new ultra-compact R-series which has, in previous generations, been a best seller for smaller part production in the watch, instrument, connector and PCB industries. Available in 16 models covering RD01 with 1mm and R04 for 4 mm capacitity, configurations are also available in single and double spindle formats and with rotary guide bushes. Both single spindle R04 and double spindle RD01 will be installed on the EMO stand with fast accelerating 20,000 revs/min spindle and maximum machining diameters of 1 mm by 30 mm chucking length and 4 mm by 40 mm respectively. Depending on the variant, machines are available with between 3- and 6-axes and eight and 17 tool positions.
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    C & M Precision Orders Citizen A32 Following 25% Time Saving Demonstrations


    Pre-order trials with C & M Precision on existing components, involving the world’s fastest CNC sliding head turn-mill centre, demonstrated cycle time savings of up to 25 per cent against existing Citizen machines installed just five years ago.

    Said Managing Director John Cable: “The advances in Citizen’s machining technology really came home to us so we have ordered the Citizen A32 which will enable us to switch simple work from our four Citizen top-of-the-range M32s and Citizen M16. This will free up spindle capacity for new contracts we have recently won for some very complex, high value components.

    C & M Precision based in Maldon, Essex, was set up in 1992 and supplies the connector, hydraulic, marine, medical, defence and lighting industries while also producing a range of electro-mechanical fittings for the mining sector and components for prestige seats for aerospace.

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    Wealdpark Expands Machining Capability in Less than One Year with the Flexibility of Two Miyano ABX Turn-Mill Centres


    Such was the success of the decision by Precision sub-contract machinist Wealdpark to expand its production capability and invest in a range-topping Miyano ABX-64SYY2 fixed head turn-mill centre that within weeks of the new machine’s installation and commissioning the company took the opportunity at MACH 2014 to order a duplicate machine from the Citizen Machinery UK stand.

    Wealdpark’s business had been largely based on 12 CNC sliding head lathes that were beginning to limit the majority of its customer base to components made from up to 32 mm bar size. The business already had two Miyano BNE-51SY fixed head turn-mill centres, which extended the bar capacity to 51 mm diameter, but the company’s three directors could see far greater opportunities by increasing capacity to 65 mm bar and having the flexibility to quickly change from bar to chuck, to machine parts direct from billets up to 165 mm in size.
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    Renishaw Boosts Small Turned Part Production with 15 Citizen Machines to Meet Surge in Export Business


    Citizen Machinery UK has recently installed a further 15 of its CNC sliding head turn-mill centres as part of a single order for Renishaw’s UK manufacturing sites. The installations were made at Renishaw’s new 461,000 ft2 facility on a 193 acre site at Miskin, South Wales, and the Stonehouse production facility in Gloucestershire.

    As a result of Citizen being its preferred supplier of CNC sliding head machines following its first installation of an F12 in 1982, Renishaw now has the largest installation of Citizen machines in a UK company. Altogether, 47 are in production producing over 3,000 different components for the group’s ever-growing product range.
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    Turn-Mill specialist harnesses Citizen Sliding Head machining technology to stay one step ahead


    Since its establishment six years ago by co-directors Yian Stavrou and George Dingley, specialist turn-mill sub-contractor Sub-CNC Precision has progressively harnessed technology to streamline its operations and to stay one step ahead in a very competitive marketplace.

    Every aspect of the company is continually being improved by the clever use and, where appropriate, the integration of advanced manufacturing routines and IT – not least with a trio of Citizen Machinery UK-supplied high technology CNC sliding head lathes and one fixed head Miyano multi-axis turn-mill centre.
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